RWJBarnabas Health's approach to Employee Health and Workers' Comp reduced total claim frequency by more than 50%.

Hear Corporate Care execs share their story in this 35-minute on-demand playback.

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About the webinar:

Hear executives from this 40,000 employee health system explain their transformation strategy and share results that included managed care savings of $11.2M, over two years.

Their story is relatable because they started small, proving the program at one regional facility first.

  1. Learn how they convinced the c-suite that an investment in this program could bring a solid ROI.
  2. See how this core team at RWJBarnabas Health created results first, then took on the larger organization. You can too.
  3. Learn the necessity of segregating an Occupational Health Record or Employee Health Record from personal health information.
  4. Hear how they leveraged Agility to drive process.

System-wide impact (earning them the 2015 Teddy award for an "exceptional workers' compensation program" ) - 
»  Lost-time claim frequency rate decreased 72% (2012-2014)

»  Total claim frequency rate decreased 54% (2012-2014)
»  94% of medical-only claims since 2012 have total incurred cost <$1,000
»  Managed Care savings of over $11.2 million (2012-2014)

Webinar presenters:
Caryl Russo, Sr. Vice President, Corporate Care, RWJBarnabas Health
Keith Lavin, Sr. Director, Corporate Care, RWJBarnabas Health