Flu season is your time to shine. Are you ready?

Agility is here to help you. Learn how you can streamline your flu documentation including new features in Agility's 10.20 release. Hear real-stories-from-flu-season by an Agility client whose hospital has proven tips and best practices that keep flu season both sane and fun while reaching their goals.

Agility Flu Webinar Cottage Health

 If even ONE of these points piques your interest, this recording is for you.

  1. Hear about new flu functionality in Agility 10.20 that can save you time whether you want to capture signatures electronically or simply speed up your paper process.
  2. Hear how Cottage Health's Manager of EH & Safety, Angeli Mancuso, gets creative to administer over 5,500 flu shots in a two-month period—with her team of two (Oh, and they look forward to it!)
  3. Learn six ways to streamline flu documentation within Agility and pick which one(s) are right for your clinic. 

Are you interesting in flu functionality and either haven't upgraded to 10.20 yet or you're not sure? Contact agilitysupport@nethealth.com to explore and schedule your upgrade. Then you'll be all set to take advantage of the functionality shown in the webinar.