Leading multiple wound care facilities?

Learn the key standards that will drive process, compliance, and performance to execute your goals.

Lead with effectiveness and wow your organization.

No matter the size of your hospital, if you have two or more facilities to manage, this is the way to drive excellence and lead a wound care department that's a standout in your organization.

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What's in it for you?

  1. Imagine having the knowledge to create complete alignment of best practices in registration, data flow, coding, billing, medical records, and denial management processes within your outpatient wound care department
  2. Explore lessons learned regarding clinical and operational documentation compliance
  3. Learn the six-point framework that drives clinics to work smarter, not harder

Your job is so important. You're overseeing compliance, productivity, outcomes, and reporting. Do you have an effective way to capture and optimize all the specialized data that comes along with that? A way to prove your department's value to the organization's bottom line?


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