Webinar: Prepare for the Changing Value Proposition in Rehab Therapy

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The shifting value proposition in outpatient PT/OT/SLP means that you’ll be measured on quality (not quantity). Understanding and scoring your outcomes is a critical part of this. 

Learn how to prove your value. 

Together, FOTO (Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes) and Net Health are leading the National Benchmarking Initiative in rehab therapy. Get involved in the discussion.

Four reasons to listen:

FOTO experts and Avera McKennan Hospital's Outpatient Therapy Manager, Phil Moe, will share best practices and explain the benefits of integrating benchmark data with clinical documentation.

Chief among these benefits? Outcomes and benchmark data assure compliance with pay-for-performance models. Documenting for value-based outcomes drives compliance, measures clinical success in terms of patient satisfaction, and sets up your facilities for optimal financial success.

  1. When you’re being measured on quality, outcomes become an integral player in your business metrics. Learn how to use them to prove your value.
  2. Integrate benchmarks into your workflow and documentation processes, every time. Learn how to automate and assure compliance.
  3. Documentation that’s compliant with the new payment models doesn’t look like the old. Learn to bill services that get fully paid the first time.
  4. Documenting value-based outcomes will measure your clinical success and prime your therapy business for optimal financial performance. Learn how a complete solution brings financial reward. 

ReDoc® powered by xfit®, from Net Health, is a cloud-based PT/OT/SLP solution that integrates documentation, scheduling, billing, reporting, outcomes benchmarking, patient engagement, and expert coaching. It also keeps patients and providers connected with appointment reminders, outreach tools, and a home exercise program. Get the business metrics you need, give providers more hands-on time with patients, and drive workflow efficiencies that will increase your bottom line.